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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Remaining Chaos

Remaining Chaos is a killer symphonic death metal band. Their music is epic and powerful, yet definitely does not stray into the folk metal vein. Their is a nice combination of death metal brutality and more symphonic bits. The keyboard work really is stellar though. It does not dominate the music, but it finds its own little slot and adds a lot to the music. This band, without the keys, would be a pretty good death metal act, yet with the keys in there this becomes a monster of a band ready to take the world by storm. The excellent musicianship is really what makes this all possible. With some really great songwriting this is death metal that reaches out and touches the listener. It makes the genre a credible force and shows the magic of death metal. This band will make any metalheads day, they have the raw anger and beauty that represents the spirit of metal. Go check these guys out

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