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Friday, January 25, 2013

Declamatory-Human Remains

Germany has long been a breeding ground for some of metals best bands. In the latest wave of thrash metal they have given us a whole new group of stellar thrash bands, not the least of which is Declamatory. Their new album Human Remains seems to fuse the energy of Kreator with the technical wizardry of Cynic. From the first chorus of the first song one knows that they are in for more than just a thrash metal record. They have sat down to enjoy a slab of rock solid heavy metal that seeks to push forward the genre.

The music pushes forward with a unrelenting energy that seems to relish in its sheer thrash metal energy. Yet there are a lot of acoustic breaks that seem to show another level of depth in the bands sound. Often with little to no build up the surprise of the metal attack on songs like It's All Over and show that this band is not afraid to take the listener by their hair and throw them around the room. Their are a few metalcore elements mixed in here and there, but they are tastefully done and fit nicely into Teutons music. The lyrics are very interesting and one of the albums main themes is post-apocalyptic war which fits in nicely with the musical stylings.

To wrap up, this is an album from a band that knows how to make solid heavy metal and mix it with some more modern elements. Crushing riffs and interesting lyrics combine to make a nice metal attack that should appeal to thrashers and metalcore fans alike. Music for the pit this band would appeal to many a metalhead. Unafraid to do what they want Declamatory is one of the next great German metal bands. They write solid songs with great lyrics that make me impatient for Declamatory's sophomore release!

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