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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Joan Torres

Before cover art

Joan Torres is a powerful jazz fusion artist whose music can best be described as beautifully dynamic yet ambient jazz that will appeal to both the prog fans and the jazz guys. The melodies are beautiful and there are tons of great solos. His new record All is Fused is a fusion epic showing off 4 stellar musicians flashing their best abilities. The songwriting is wonderful and features a generally prog feel to it. I've always enjoyed this genre of more dynamic and flashy jazz. Metalheads could view this band as an acoustic version of T.R.A.M or something to listen to after having heard Mestis's debut record too many times. Their is just a lot of solid musicianship going on here that grooves nicely and will appeal to most fans of jazz, fusion and prog. With beautiful interwoven harmonies, striking rhythms and fabulous song structures Joan Torres' music will appeal to many and I could easily see these guys getting big within a few years!

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