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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Delay the Dawn

On the surface Delay the Dawn might just seem like another band for swoopy haired kids to go see at Warped tour. Most metalheads would have nothing to do with them and cast them aside as posers. Yet if they do that, then they have not understood the nature of this band. Delay the Dawn is in fact a band capable of making beautiful and progressive songs that nicely combine cleans and growls. The song structures are intricate and feature a lot of jazzy bits that show off the true virtuosity of the musicians involved. This is a band that takes the whole Warped-core genre to a new level with actual musicianship and compositions that belie lots of musical training and forethought.While not djent, there are definitely djent aspects to be had here. The sound seems mainly focused on balancing dark and light, with lots of moody acoustic passages and heavier death metal parts. In conclusion, if one ignores their first impressions and really digs in they could be very impressed by Delay the Dawns musicianship as well as their mixing of beautiful acoustic parts and brutal metal attacks. This is a band all prog fans will want to check out and one that many other metallers will enjoy.

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