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Sunday, January 20, 2013


Failure is a beautiful post-rock band who have wonderfully progressive and atmospheric elements that allow their music to soar to new heights and take the listener to a magical world. In many ways an art-rock band Failure strives to be more than itself, it pushes to the next level, constantly trying to better communicate with the listener. Largely instrumental, the parts don't try to outdo themselves in technicality. Instead haunting minor key melodies preach a message of sadness and sorrow without trying to wow the listener with virtuosity leaving a crushing depression in its place. The drums are surprisingly technical for such a low powered band, I particularly like the playing on the song Perfect Isolation. It shows a nice implementation of jazzy techniques in a post-music context. In conclusion, Failure is a beautiful band who have knowingly created some beautiful ballads that resonate with the heart of the listener. Check them out!

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