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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Metal Message Compilation 5

It is rare nowadays that one finds a compilation that is dedicated to one genre. Metalheads have been expected to diversify and explore different genres within compilations. Yet on occasion one comes across a compilation made by someone with a true understanding of one genre, someone who lives breathes and dies by it. On this occasion the compilation is Metal Message Compilation 5 the genre is pagan metal and the person is promoter and manager Markus Eck. Clearly the result of an extended travail this is a compilation for the ages.

The songs on this compilation have been chosen to appeal to all fans of the genre. From more black metal tinged pieces, to folky ballads there is a bit of something for every pagan metaller. I think there is a nice mix of groups here that provide a taster for the genre as a whole. The track listing is also pretty well done, the songs seem to flow rather nicely and compliment each other well. The vast majority of the tracks are in languages other than English and I think that adds to the "trve" quality of this release. Suffice to say their is not a bad song on this record!

In conclusion, Metal Message Compilation 5 is a slab of pagan metal that every fan of the genre will love. Both epic and down to earth Markus Eck manages to capture the essence of what folk metal is with just 13 songs. The packaging one again shows the dedication and hard work that went into this comp, with an excellent set of liner notes and a heartfelt message from Eck himself. The album comes in a DVD case with art by Ed Repka (Megadeth, Death, Evildead). With only 2000 hand numbered copies I know that I have a rare treasure in my album box. To finish, all folk metallers NEED to check these bands out, they will broaden your horizons and introduce you to tons of new music!

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