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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Draw O' Coward

Draw O' Coward is a technical deathcore band very much in the vein of stellar acts like Jog For a Cowboy and All Shall Perish. Their is some truly stellar musicianship going on here. These  guys know how to get a pit going and aren't too formulaic. In addition, they manage away from making their music into a series of breakdowns, the songwriting is actually pretty solid. With heavy, nearly djenty riffs this bands sound is powerful and will punish your ears. I particularly like the drum work as their are a lot of cool rhythms going on. The fills are also pretty great and the double bass work is stellar, This is a band that could easily have the huge appeal of some of the acts I mentioned earlier. I think that with a little better production and a slightly more polished sound this band could be the next big technical deathcore act!

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