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Saturday, January 5, 2013

False Priest-Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley cover art

False Priest is an interesting alt rock band with a tight and crisp sound that will stick in your head and keep you coming back. Their new record, Uncanny Valley, shows a group of young musicians who are very confident in what they want to do. Crisp songwriting and stellar musicianship contributes to a very interesting record that is definitely worth a few spins. Modern rock and roll but artsier this a band that fans of art punk and college radio will adore, it could even have some mainstream appeal!

The guitar work on this record is fairly solid. There are a lot of arpeggio bits that add a lot of flavor and help keep the songs going forward. Olaf Stelland's work is vaguely psychedelic, yet it always seems to be moving on, it nicely compliments the song progressions. The bass work is solid, Sam Forester provides a beating heart to the band. His lines really fill out the bottom end and manage to add a nice extra bit of melody. Meanwhile the drums can be both crashing and restrained. They take the music to a whole new level in that they really set the mood for the music. While the rhythms are fairly standard the fills are fabulous. Finally, the vocals have a modern rock beauty to them that shows a passionate man pouring out his heart into the songs. Evan Greenwald really manages to make the listener connect with the music.

To finish, False Priests debut effort shows a band with huge potential and a very clear goal. Their music has a certain undefinable beauty to it. Its specially prevalent on songs like "The Internet" where we really start to see the true nature of the band. Their sound has all of the magic of the Grateful Dead and the solid songwriting of Bowie. Even though this is definitely not metal I think an open minded metalhead would really enjoy this record. With definite appeal to most rock fans I would strongly advise going to check these guys out, with big hopes in the future I am confident in there getting huge!

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