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Friday, January 18, 2013

March The Desert

March The Desert cover art

March The Desert is a very heavy psychedelic metal band very much in the vein of Blue Cheer. Their stoner influences are massive and their crushing riffs will pound you into the ground. From the first chords of March one gets the sense that they have stumbled upon something great, something that worshippers of Sleep will adore, that Electric Wizard freaks will fantasize over and that Dopethrone fans will drool on. The musicians are obviously stellar and there is more than a little jazz influence, it gives the music an interesting timbre at times, this fusion of the highly technical and the highly stoned. Lyrics like 'another elder turned and whispered ‘believe in yourself and all that you are’, I tore off my limbs with adolescence breaking bites years before' show how intelligent this band can be. Overall, this will be a treat for all fans of the stoner genre and many others. Go check it out!

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