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Sunday, January 20, 2013

White Pigeon

White Pigeon is a fun all out hard rock band who have major glam influences that seep into their symphonic sound. A fusing of Europe and Whitesnake along with a healthy dose of humor shows White Pigeon to be a powerful force in the Guildford rock scene. Their sound is accessible to fans of more mainstream music, but at the same time its cheery riffs and old school feel should attract many a metalhead. In particular, quite a few of the guitar riffs seem to be in the Iron Maiden vein, the bands influence is also mirrored in some of the more epic compositions, namely in the epic eponymous track "White Pigeon". Overall this band is very tight and has a lot of solid riffs and sounds that will engage many a listener. Seemingly destined to be great White Pigeons dynamic sound will capture you and not let you go. Any fan of classic metal, glam, the NWOBHM or hard rock in general should love these guys. Go check them out!

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