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Monday, January 21, 2013



Inset is a nifty death metal band who are very much in the vein of stellar acts such as Asphyx. Their music has a crushing brutality to it that will not let up. Instead of following the modern metal trend and  caressing the listeners ears with gentle melodies and then trying to get them to mosh with a 'heavy' part Inset goes for the throat. I can't see myself NOT crushing skulls at a concert given by these guys. The guitar riffs are brutal and feature and old school death metal anger. Meanwhile the bass playing allows for a meaty bottom end. The drumming provides explosive blast beats and a manic rhythm. I especially like the heavy playing on Touch of Life and Death. Finally, the growls have the anger and raw evil of an old school Schuldiner or maybe Martin van Drunen. In conclusion, Inset is a great death metal band that all fans of the genre might enjoy and mosh too. Their music is crushing and evil, definitely worth checking out.

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