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Saturday, January 26, 2013


Often in the modern viking metal seen the grit is taken out of the band. They become weak, simple folk acts with occasional explosions of guitar, or they become so purely black and pagan that they alienate many fans. Then, there are those few who seek to fuse the thrash metal heritage of their country with its true folk music. Thus bands like Obscurity are born. Brewed in an evil muck tended by the likes of Amon Amarth and Ensiferum Obscurity crafts their own distinct variety of viking metal. With influences from the death and black scenes Obscurity's new album Obscurity is something many a metalhead can rally behind and worship.

The guitar work on this album is brutal and filled with the raw anger that makes the genre so worthwhile. With tons of galloping rhythms and folky melodies Obscurity's twin guitars craft sounds that many a folk metaller would be proud of. The bass work is very heavy and really dominates some of the faster parts. I particularly like the playing on Ensamvarg. The drumming features a lot of manic energy and showcases the black metal side of the sound. There are not a lot of extended double bass drum passages which I think is a good thing, it makes the fast drumming more profound. Finally, the vocals have a screamed anguish to them that allows for a sound that is memorable and heavy. I love the energy that the bands vocalist provides to the mix.

As we head towards the finish of this review it is important to note that Obscurity is a magnificent fusion of genres that culminate in a viking metal (or as they call it "Battle metal") explosion. This is a band that death metallers and black metallers would both enjoy. It is one of the few cross genre bands that could not be dubbed as posers by either camp. Instead they rise above and prove themselves to be true sons of the north. Obscurity shows a lot of potential and passion. This band could become legendary and I can not wait to hear their next release!

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