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Friday, January 18, 2013

Kopernik-Juste Moi

Kopernik is a French pop-punk band who I have talked about before. They recently put out a new single title Juste Moi on iTunes. Its a solid slab of pop-punk that should appeal very much to fans of Green Day or Nevermind-era Nirvana. Its well produced and shows a true dedication to the genre. With its funk aspects it manages to push the bands sound to new and interesting directions. I really hope that they push forward down that path in the future The guitar work is typical of the genre with solid power chords and a touch of funk. The bands bassist provides a thudding heart, as well as high pitched and accessible vocals for the band. Finally, the drumming provides a kick of energy to the bottom end. Juste Moi is a very solid effort from a promising band with some strong musicians who can push themselves further and bring their music to the next level, as is, this is a tight release that a lot of pop punk fans will enjoy, check it out!

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