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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rough Cut

Rough Cut is a band that gets the NWOBHM in a way few other acts do. Unlike most bands who focus   their sound on the likes of Iron Maiden and Dio Rough Cut goes for a more down to earth sound that fuses Aerosmith and Whitesnake. The guitar riffs have the bounciness of Motley Crue and really get your body moving. They provide a solid mid range that is nicely complimented by a tight rhythm section. The solos are very much in the vein of AC/DC with lots of pentatonic wah pedal shenanigans. As I mentioned before, the rhythm section is very tight and throbs with a rock and roll heart. It perfectly captures the grit of the true NWOBHM bands. Finally, the bands singer can really belt it out. The fact that his voice does not have the bombast of Dickinson or  is asides the point. His powerful singing provides an epic front for a band that is quite literally rough cut and dedicated to showing the oft overshadowed side of the NWOBHM movement. For true fans of classic metal their music will be a pleasure to listen too. Check them out!

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