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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Totengefluster-Dom Seelensterbern

Black metal is music to be listened too in a castle while drinking blood. It is not a genre for the normal plebeian nor does it aspire to be. Instead it remains aloof, grim and unchanging, dedicated to the search for true brutality. Totengefluster perfectly meets these requirements. Their new record Dom Seelensterben is anything but plebeian. It focuses on that which most choose to ignore, it finds itself among the blackest of the black. The ferocious attack of the guitars and the beautiful synthesizer arrangements show a kvlt black metal band that is dedicated to pushing the genre to a new level. 

Filled with a dark energy that is rarely matched, Totengefluster is at once raw and atmospheric. The guitar parts are often atonal and feature a Burzum like attack. Yet simultaneously the keyboards provide a beautiful Dimmu Borgir type layered backing. This dichotomy seems to form the basis of the bands sound. This fusion of the old and new schools of black metal is beautiful yet unholy. It has the driving force that will drive you insane, it is evil and unforgiving, yet this harshness is cloaked in the excellently crafted facade of operatic melodies. It is a sound that is hard to forget and should appeal to every trve black metaller. 

To finish, Dom Seelensterben is not for everyone. It is dark, harsh and blunt. It will give the listener no time to relax and brook no posers. To combat the endless rage embedded in the sound there are epic keyboards that provide a slight relief. It forever reaches to new levels, filling itself with the hatred required to make the best black metal. Seemingly brought upon the world by darkness incarnate there are very few other bands out there today that are as black as Totengefluster. In the words of the great Necrosexual himself; THIS IS BLACK METAL

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