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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Society Kills

S.K. EP cover art

Society Kills is a nice crossover thrash act that know how to make hard rocking hard partying music that will melt your brain and force you too mosh. Their music has a hardcore attitude fused with the precison of metal but with a touch of rock to keep things accessible. I love how their sound has so much raw energy too it yet is still very tight and produced. In some ways they could almost be compared to Nirvana. The killer riffs provide for a great crossover thrash sound that is filled to the brim with anger and a manic energy that refuses to be turned off. Their are a lot of nice guitar lines that go on under the vocal parts, this adds a lot of power and helps give some of the more straightforward songs an epic quality. In conclusion, Society Kills is something that will be enjoyed by metallers and punks alike. Their sound is heavy and filled with a crazed power that blows through your ear drums, check them out!

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