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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Tintagel is a ferocious pig squealing grindcore band that will rip your face off. Their brand of slam death metal is vicious and unsavory. It shows a dedication to brutality that is rarely matched. This is not a band for the common man. Instead this is something that fans of the heaviest grind and most deranged slam will love. This is definitely not something that I personally am into, in fact it freaks me out a bit, and considering my love for black metal, thats saying something. Yet in the raw riffage and crazy rhythm attack that Tintagel brings to the table there is something that I have to appreciate here. The passion with which Tintagel throw themselves into their music is admirable. I've always admired bands that have what I call a "rock and roll energy" who can bring a great vibe to the table, even when their music does not appeal to me and Tintagel does that. I feel like with a few fewer breakdowns and more manic rhythm mashing Tintagel could become a pig squealing band I genuinely enjoy!

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