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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Azylya-Sweet Cerebral Destruction

Azylya is a female fronted symphonic metal band who respect all of  the maxims of the genre while adding in elements of their own. With dashes of black metal, folk metal and even gregorian chants Sweet Cerebral Destruction showcases a variety of metal genres while still keeping a distinct sound. Their vibrant energy and tasty riffs combine to create a solid overall recording that shows Azylya to be a promising new symphonic metal force. With the record due out shortly I could see these guys rapidly becoming huge.

The song arrangements here are epic in scale. Obviously the musicians have all had classical training. The buildups are one of my favorite parts, the way the songs slowly move towards a musical explosion is beautiful. I also really like the interplay between cleans and growls. The clean vocals are excellently executed and beautiful parts in a very operatic style. Meanwhile, the growls are very much in the black metal vein and very tasty. They give the music a harsh and evil edge. It helps Azylya to stand apart.

In conclusion, Azylya is a delicious symph metal band who combine a variety of styles to get a streamlined and tight sound that boasts classical structures and lots of headbanging fun. With a wonderful mix Sweet Cerebral Destruction pulls you into its glorious musical caresses and does not let go. It is an album that finds time for both raw brutality and classical beauty, it really has something for everyone and is very much worth checking out!

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