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Saturday, February 23, 2013


Cojones are a tasty hard rock band with lots of stoner and psychedelic elements in their sound that lead to a fun and explosive final product. Filled with delicious solos and crunchy riffs Cojones has a monumental power that puts them in a constant forward motion. Your body is forced to move in time to their riffs, they have a certain danceable quality to them that even a jaded death metaller like me can't ignore. I really like the grit the vocals provide, they have a lot of the raw energy that I feel is neccesary for a band like this to succeed. They positively bristle with that good old rock and roll energy. I also really like the choruses, with the band often singing along they instantly become that much more touching and reach out and grab the listener by the ears. In short, groovy riffs and heavy rhythms blast forward to make Cojones into a fun and distinctly listenable act that any rocker can enjoy.

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