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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Black Widow's Project-Heavy Heart

Image of The Black Widow's Project - Heavy Heart

Its rare to find a down and dirty bluesy rock band on the modern scene. Most modern rock bands hide under layers of production and try for an epic and transcendent sound. The Black Widow's Project goes the other way with a gritty garage rock sound that is profound and filled with a vibrant rock and roll mania. With a nice stoner vibe that very much reminds me of Royal Thunder Heavy Heart is a delicious rock and roll album that any fan of the 70s hard rock bands like Thin Lizzy or even St Vitus will love.

I love the raw groove that the riffs on this album seem to thrive off of. Dead Man Walking is a great example of this. It has a crushing groove to it that is tasty and powerful and generally just hard to ignore. The vocals are varied, going from shrieked heavier passages to much more psychedelic passages with a cleaner vocal style. In some ways they could even be compared to Sleep. Yet The Black Widow's Project seems to have a much greater grunge influence which gives the sound a bit more of an edge. It all comes together though for a very focused end product.

In conclusion, this is a very tasty record that combines lots of different influences for a vibrant whole that is hard to put down. With stoner and hard rock parts and touches of grunge Heavy Heart is a wonderful album that many fans of those genres will love. This set of 14 tracks has a true rock and roll energy and a back to the basics vibe that fans of classic rock will adore. After a release as solid as Heavy Heart I am very much looking forward to seeing what this band puts out in the near future!

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