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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Curse of the Forgotten-Building the Palace

Curse of the Forgotten is a vicious melodic death metal band whose new album Building the Palace is a slab of death metal might. With a groovy thrash backbone and layers of In Flames technicality and harmony on top, the overall sound is one of barely contained rage, tempered with the soothingly powerful melodies that make the melodic death metal genre so good. This is a band who knows how to make pure and undiluted music filled with raw emotion and epic soundscapes, something for all metalheads to headbang to, mosh and enjoy.

The guitar parts on this album have a crazed thrash metal brutality to them that helps to push the music to new levels. I especially like the way that the drumming is used to permeate the bands sound with an energy that defines the band. Meanwhile the bass lines have a thumping power to them that helps to drive the musics message into the darkest recesses of the soul. The songwriting is exceptionally solid with lots of tasteful and well executed solos adding flavor to the songs. Guaranteed for maximum headbanging yet also good enough to admire from a technical standpoint alone Building the Palace is musically very strong.

In conclusion this is an evil record filled with the true magic of heavy metal. Curse of the Forgotten know how to create the powerful sounds that make the genre so solid and twisted. Hints of power metal and black metal add to the raw magic of the record. Fun for every metalhead and rife with the riffage that allows melodeath to stand out I would recommend Building the Palace to every metalhead, it has a genre transcending quality to it that many should be able to appreciate.

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