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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Stompcrash

The Stompcrash is a powerful vest metal band, in many ways a strong alternative to the occult magic of Ghost B.C. Far from doing any stomping or crashing these guys seek to transcend the ideas implemented by their name. With a variety of indy elements incorporated in their sound they show themselves to be unique and capable of creating their own sound. They have a sort of unbearable lightness that makes them seem all the heavier and grimmer. The Stompcrash's new album Direction is a moody mix of styles that culminates in a chunk of gothic blackness that is hard to ignore or cast aside, The Stompcrash is a mighty new force on the dark music scene.

There is a powerful use of synthesizers on this album that help to make it unique. They add to the heavy feeling that permeates the music while not actually being heavy in and of themselves. There are also some more electronic inspired passages which seem to fit very well. I also really like the range of vocal styles used, from heavy almost Rammstein like male cleans to more soothing female ones. Yet they always have the same creepy detached air that seems to define Direction's sound. The use of guitar is fairly limited and mostly just used here and there to add atmosphere. Meanwhile the drums and bass work together to give the music a pulse that throbs throughout the album.

In conclusion, Directionis a solid gothic vest metal record. It has all of the grim certainty of black metal with the laid back might of classic rock. The driving synths and bursts of guitar make sure you are never left bored. The music is moving, it reaches out to the listener and does not leave them be. A powerful band who, while similar to bands like Ghost B.C., are still very much their own thing, The Stompcrash is something any fan of darker music will enjoy. From shockingly heavy keyboard lines to creepy vocals this is a beautiful piece of gothic magic.

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