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Friday, February 15, 2013

Devourment-Concieved in Sewage

Moshcore is typically not something that I deal in, the crushing riffs and gory lyrics are not usually my cup of tea. Devourment's new record is a testament to the destructive power of the genre and frankly, I have to say Conceived in Sewage has allowed me to broaden my horizons and gain a new respect for these hard moshing death metal bands. Very much in the vein of legends like Dying Fetus, Devourment presents their own blend of brutal gore metal and deathcore that is surprisingly appealing.

The riffs on this record can be both rapid and almost Slayer-like or slower and filled with a crushing power that twists your body into an unholy emotion. Even a jaded critic like me found himself singing along to Today We Die Tomorrow We Kill. Even if the lyrics are not very developed and tend towards Hellraiser levels of gore they are all in good fun and definitely in the spirit of old school death metal.

In conclusion, despite being a record that many critics might sneer at and call 'immature' I must say that Devourment is simply fun to listen to. Concieved in Sewage is brutal and go for the throat and has a destructive power that is not easily forgotten. In brief, if you want something to headbang to and mosh your brains out with Devourment is your band. Concieved in Sewage is the epitome of gore metal and for a dedicated few this will be the album of the year in 2013.

Check them out on facebook and pre order their album below!

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