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Friday, February 15, 2013

Temptations Wings-Legends of the Tusk

Temptations Wings are one of my favorite up and coming doom bands. Their music is slow, yet it has a thrash metal edge which gives it an interesting groove.Their new EP Legends of the Tusk is a testament to what their sound truly is. A heavy and vaguely proggy mixture of sounds that come across with a wonderful heavy metal brutality that would appeal to nearly ever fan of the genre, from the NWOBHM stalwart to the black metal purist. The steady grinding build up of the riffs is very tasty and I love the Black Sabbathy vibe that some of their parts have. The Last Titan in particular seems to be very much from the Sabbath vein of riffage. At other times this EP shows hints of Amon Amarth and Pallbearer, while from the outside looking in it might seem like a hodgepodge, Legends of the Tusk has a distinct sound to it that allows Temptations Wings to stand out from the pack and flaunt the thrashy doom that is their ultimate contribution to the heavy metal universe.

The EP comes out March 1
As for now check them out on facebook!

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