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Friday, February 15, 2013

This Deafening Whisper-Duodecim

Post-hardcore is a genre that most trve metal critics barely even bother with. The idea of having clean vocals and hooky melodies mixed in with hardcore rarely seems to work. Yet every once in a while there is a band that gets it. A band makes a record that knows how to make hooky hardcore that doesn't across as posery and weak but instead brutal, raw and somehow still intelligent. This Deafening Whisper is that band Duodecim is that album. It is a beautiful union of Suicide Silence like deathcore and intriguing electronic melodies.

The guitar riffs show a lot of thought and are very well planned out. They tend towards deathcore with a bit of a djenty feel. In some ways they are comparable to those of All Shall Perish. Yet this is not formulaic deathcore either. Instead it shows off complex song structures that flaunt musical virtuosity. The wash of keys add flavor to even the most brutal parts, and further the idea that their can indeed be a successful union between deathcore and electronic music and This Deafening Whisper do it right. Lyrically, this album is a triumph with even the mosh track "Embrace the Brawl" spouting lyrics like "When all is said and done/Your acts eclipse your words/Your values don’t mean shit if they’re not worth dying for" This shows the general quality of lyrics on this album. They make the record even more worth buying.

To finish this is a record that shows the way forward for electronic deathcore. Slightly djenty with a touch of piano melodies and appropriately placed cleans. That is not to say this album is only forward thinking, the slowed down "As Brails to the Mast" provides a nice halfway break for the album, giving it a two sided record type of feel. In sum, this is an album that will appeal both to fans of post-hardcore and the truly heavy stuff. Even tech death fans should find something to enjoy in some of the bands more complex pieces! An album that could unify many a metalhead and permanently alter the scene I can not wait to see what This Deafening Whisper brings to the table in the future!

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