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Monday, February 25, 2013


Time in a Dream cover art

Enceladus is a fiery powr metal band with tons of fast paced rhythm sections and high pitched vocals that blast through a fun and dynamic mix for an overall sound that is heavy and remarkably headbangable. The riffs are very much in the power metal vein of things and they have all of Hammerfalls wild energy. The solos are shredtastic and have lots of tapping, I particularly like the fiery solo on Ancestral Venture. The intro of Ethereality is also particularly good featuring an explosive solo that prepares your ears for just under 14 minutes of power metal madness. I'd also like to point out that the bass seems unusually high in the mix yet it works remarkably well. The end result is a sound that is heavier than that of most power metal bands, yet it is not at all muddy and has a lot more energy. In conclusion, this fun and dynamic band will be an action packed blast of fun for any power metaller who checks them out!

Find their new single on bandcamp!

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