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Monday, February 25, 2013

Xenosis-Of Chaos and Turmoil

Modern death metal lyrics are often good but not great. That's why I love to find the occasional band who understand fully how to make interesting lyrics that nicely compliment a slew of powerful tunes. On Of Chaos and Turmoil Xenosis manages to do just that. Signed to Wormhole Death Xenosis uses awe inspiring riffs and some of the best death metal lyrics that I have heard in a good long while to create a destructive death metal release. With this record Xenosis prove themselves as a force to be reckoned with. A wonderful death metal explosion Xenosis pushes forward the genre and shows that their is still a lot to be done in the world of extreme music.

The guitar parts on this album are vicious yet occasionally they drop their mask of brutality for a more fun and jazzy attack as they do on the bridge of I am Caesar. This gives the music a really interesting dynamic and creates a sound filled with unexpected twists and turns. This labyrinth of sound is furthered by the wonderful bass playing. I particularly enjoy the bass at the end of the albums 6th track "Bromance". The drumming is pretty solid and very tightly controlled, it keeps the band tightly together and occasionally tosses in a tasty fill. Finally we have the vocals, primarily growled their are also a few clean passages that add flavor. The lyrics though are the true highlight of the album for me. With a strong anti-societal message and a confirmation of the idea to stand up for what you believe this album achieves a new level and becomes a truly brilliant slab of death metal.

In conclusion, Xenosis have successfully managed to blow me away with their debut release. Dynamic, twisted and filled with a great death metal energy Of Chaos and Turmoil is a delicious tribute to how great death metal can be. This is an album any fan of the genre will love, this group of talented musicians have managed to make a fantastic artistic statement that capitalizes on excellent lyrics that carry it forward into a realm of death metal mastery. They are quite possibly the most promising artist on Wormhole Death's potential packed roster!

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