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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Schysma-Imperfect Dichotomy

Schysma - Imperfect Dichotomy

Schysma is a wonderful progressive metal band from Italy who are very much in the vein of Queensryche or maybe even Dream Theater. Their music is fabulously complex and uses some very interesting and elaborate song structures which show quite a bit of a Rush influence. Their are also a few elements of modern metal thrown in to add flavor and generally streamline the sound. I am pretty grateful that all of songs are under 7 minutes, allowing things stay dynamic and interesting so that the EP is by no means a slog to get through. Imperfect Dichotomy is a great example of modern prog and it shows a band that is ready to take things to the next level with the upcoming release of their debut album.

The songwriting on this album is absolutely stellar. The way the songs twist and turn hurtling down heavy passages and then slowing down for a more ambient part makes the songs very flowing and helps to bring the music closer to the heart. I also really like the way that the guitar lines are finely interwoven with the keyboard parts for an interesting overall timbre. In this way they remind me a lot of Rush. Meanwhile the rhythm section is tight and they use lots of interesting bass and drum fills to add flavor to the songs. Finally the vocals are very much reminiscent of those of Geoff Tate of Queensryche. The overall flavor of Imperfect Dichotomy distinctly reminds me of Queensryche's classic Operation Mindcrime.

In conclusion, Schysma's debut EP is a delicious slab of prog that any fan of the genre will enjoy. With well developed and constantly evolving pieces with lots of technical solos and keyboard lines this EP is clearly a cut above the rest. In other words Imperfect Dichotomy is a great example of the magic of modern prog with a wonderful mix of influences from the greats like Dream Theater to the more modern stuff. In addition the songs are (relatively) short and always interesting which is always a plus. In sum this EP shows a lot of potential and it will be very interesting to see what Schysma manages to put out in the near future!

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