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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Inherit the Stars

2013 Album Teaser cover art

Inherit the Stars is a tasty modern metal band who seem to find no trouble in fusing metalcore and power metal for a sound that is tight, energetic and distinctly their own. Their new album teaser is a 12 minutes punch of potential packed power. The guitar parts are especially solid helping to create a dominating wall of sound. The bass parts also help to provide a throbbing heart for the music, especially on the more laid back track Facing the Fire. A notable aspect about Inherit the Stars music is their ability to create interesting experimental electric pauses that are by no means nu metal. A great example of this would be the breaks in Caught in the Crossfire. It shows the tasteful employment of electronic parts, something few modern metal bands have been able to manage with grace. In sum, with lots of dynamic tempo and volume changes and a sweet production this mini EP leaves me begging for more.

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