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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Klone-The Dreamer's Hideaway

Klone is an interesting rock band from the French town of Poitiers. I got the chance to hang out with them last night on the set of Enorme TV and they gave me a copy of their new release The Dreamer's Hideaway to review. A mysteriously heavy rock album filled with all sorts of interesting twists and turns (And even saxophone solos!) Klones latest release is truly a one of a kind effort. With proggy and dynamic song structures this is an album that sweeps you off your feet and takes you to a world of Klones own design, a magic reality that often fades beyond the realm of comprehension and which instead must be understood with raw emotion.

The music here is distinctly progressive with lots of guest solos from instruments you might not expect this band to have. These mostly come from Matthieu Metzger who really helps to keep the sound vibrant and filled with all sorts of unexpected elements. Other than that there is a sort of 70s vibe to the music. While there are definitely modern rock, grunge, and metal elements the overall mood seems to be very 70s to me. Its hard to describe, its simply the flavor of the album. The vocals are very much in the grunge style with a gritty passion to them that helps to make the music more poignant. Finally, some of the songs are much heavier than they appear to be at first glance, yet after multiple listens the effect becomes almost cathartic.

In conclusion, The Dreamers Hideaway is a brilliantly conceived album that shows Klone to be a band rife with interesting ideas and the potential to do even more. As is this is a great record that any fan of hard rock or heavy metal would love. The soundscapes are finely crafted and intensely interesting, meanwhile the music is shockingly heavy. I really like the general flow of the album too, it seems very natural and proves that the band truly identifies with the music. An excellent release from a wonderful French hard rock band The Dreamer's Hideaway will blow you away with its majestic arrangements and fascinating mix of sounds.

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