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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Now, Voyager-Seas

Seas cover art

Now, Voyager is a tasty mathcore band with some sick riffs and lots of abstract rhythms. Teir new EP Seas is a testament to how great the genre could be. Filled with manic hardcore vocals and djenty riffs that still capture that raw hardcore anger Seas is a mathcore record for the mathcore nerd. The powerful sounds captured on this record embody the genre and show off how great it truly can be. Lyrics like "I've never seen so much misery./We may fight for our own freedoms But our fates are all tied." abound, and in many ways they capture the magic of the album. I really like the song structures especially on the longer pieces like Foundations or Tabula Rasa. They show a vast knowledge of music theory that really comes in to give their pieces lots of flavor and soar beyond that of many mathcore pretenders. In conclusion, this very tasty offering from Now, Voyager leaves me wanting more. 

Check it out on Bandcamp!

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