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Thursday, February 14, 2013

When Icarus Falls-Aegean

When I saw When Icarus Falls was a self-described "Post hardcore" band I was dismayed. I was afraid of having to review some boring formulaic pile of mush. Yet as I opened the album up and got a taste of the nifty packaging I started to hope. I was not expecting When Icarus Falls' use of the term Post Hardcore to mean a new breed of post metal that just has a bit more of a hardcore influence. In fact, in my opinion this is what Post Hardcore SHOULD be, that other stuff can just be labeled "Metal for 13 year olds" so we can be done with it. As is, Aegean is a mature release that shows a sludgy and grinding band in their inexorable push towards a metal nirvana.

The songs on this album are slow and crushing yet they never lose their sense of purpose. With multiple tracks that bleed over 9 minutes the proggy nature of the band is allowed to shine through. The destructive power of the riffs and their slow forward motion is simply unforgettable. I love this idea of having a slowed down and experimental hardcore sound, that, while at first glance very far from bands like Hatebreed, starts to make sense after a while. They both have a clear destination and a raw anger that can appeal to many. Its simply that Aegean is much more mature and bizarre.

To wrap up, this Lausanne based quintet is blazing a new trail with their own unique brand of post metal that will blow your mind and slowly push you towards a transcendent state. The anguish embodied by Aegean is rarely matched in the post metal scene. Most black metal bands would have difficulty pushing their sound into this realm of darkness, yet When Icarus Falls do it with ease. An album that probably wouldn't appeal to most metalheads it will certainly capture the hearts of a devout few. Fans of post-metal will rejoice upon discovering this album, others will merely try to understand.

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