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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Out All Night

Ultra 7 EP cover art

Out all Night is an interesting lo-fi modern rock band. I really like their sound because it takes all of modern rocks' solid songwriting and melodies and puts them through garage punk levels of production to get something that is very profound and poignant. The riffs are striking and have a harsh and direct attack that helps to give the sound a unique feel. Its definitely not punk or metal yet it is stripped down and beautiful. The vocals fit nicely in with the music and the epic compositions seem to be crafted so that the singing simply falls into place. Everything just seems to flow very nicely and really just makes sense, its hard to explain but this bands unique take on modern rock just works. In conclusion, Out All Night is lo-fi and glorious, with a distinct sound and strong songs these guys are an up and coming force in modern rock.

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