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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rollin' Loaded-Riptide

Riptide cover art

So today is officially a good day. Why you ask? Because my West Chester brethern from Rollin' Loaded have put out a new EP named Riptide a fun rip roaringly fun piece of hard rock for the uninitiated Rollin' Loaded is a wild and fun band who you will not soon forget. With all of the attitude and raw energy that makes garage rock as fun as it is Riptide only furthers the Rollin' Loaded charter. The bluesy punk stylings of their music help to make them in a class with bands like The White Stripes, yet these guys are far more go for the throat, in many ways they could be compared to The Hives. Yet once again, the raw aggression of the scratchy bluesy vocals helps to make Riptide unique and much tastier than most modern garage rock. In conclusion, all fans of modern rock and roll as well as fans of the classic stuff should be thrilled by the all guns blazing party that is Rollin' Loadeds Riptide.

Check it out on bandcamp!

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