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Friday, March 8, 2013

Alea Jacta

Alea jacta

Since 1994 Alea Jacta have been releasing top notch metalcore with a thrash edge. With almost 20 years of experience under their belt it is not surprising at all that their latest release The Empire Will Fall is a very solid slab of death metal. It shows a group of musicians who know what they're doing and who force their music ever forward. These Spaniards are metal masters and with a few of the right  connections they could become huge. Their sound is tightly polished and filled with groovy and destructive riffs. Their sound is very much in the vein of acts like Machine Head, it has a crushing brutality and is none too complex. The implementation of the clean vocals is very tasteful and flows nicely with the music. This is thrashy metalcore turned to the max, very much within the maxims of the genre but still powerful and fun to listen too. A nice little discovery for any fan of 90s death metal Alea Jacta shows how great the Spanish scene can be. In conclusion, if you're looking for a new thrashy death metal act to adore, Alea Jacta is your band!

Find them and listen to their new EP on facebook!

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