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Friday, March 8, 2013

Eryn Non Dae.-Meliora

Post metal is a weird genre to say the least. It is often too harsh and inhuman for normal metalheads to understand. It is not grounded in reality, there is rarely anything for the listener to hold on to. Eryn Non Dae. seems to understand that and overcome the latent issues of the genre with a beautiful and avant-garde slab of groovy post metal that seems to pull itself into the listeners brain and never leave. Their previous effort was viewed as a piece of genius and hailed as such across the globe. I am glad to say their sophomore effort continues their pedigree of excellence. With a pulverizing power and an abstract attack Eryn Non Dae. have really outdone themselves on Meliora.

The magic of this album is that it seems to flow effortlessly from a bizarre void to a much more understandable rhythm attack and then back again. Some of the parts are reminiscent of Meshuggah others of Black Sheep Wall, the shocking part is that these often fall within the same song. Meliora has a taste of its own which is a breath of fresh air for a metal critic like me. This band has a clear idea of what they want to do and at this point it seems like no one else in the world is capable of imitating them.

To finish, Meliora is one of my favorite albums of 2012 simply because of its twists and turns and musical mastery. It is a record that is immediately intriguing and draws the listener into its intricately woven soundscapes. Something that all fans of post metal will love Eryn Non Dae. have once again proven themselves to be masters of a genre that is horribly under appreciated. With luck, this sophomore release will bring Eryn Non Dae. to their deserving place alongside the likes of Gojira, Gorod and Hacride as major French metal exports.

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