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Friday, March 8, 2013

Patria-Nihil Est Monastica

Its rare that you find good black metal from South America. the region seems to be more well known for its thrash and death metal. Yet here we are with Patria, seemingly the direct children of Sarcofago, these brutal old school black metallers are filled with the pure hate and satanism that is required to make it in the genre. Nihil Est Monastica is their latest grand opus and it is filled to the brim with undiluted black metal. Patria's music is beautifully evil and majestic in its intelligence and lust for blood. Very much a black metal record for pvre kvltists these guys rely on Burzum like insanity to get a sound that is unholy and grim.

The raw necroproduction of this record is part of what gives it power. The songs become a lot more poignant, and consequently become grimmer. The unholy guitar riffs oftentimes seem stereotypical yet there are a lot of interesting ideas here and they prove that what worked in the early 90s can still work today. I particularly like the song Nyctophilia which has a certain dark certainty to it that few modern bands can even begin to emulate. In other words, this record has a certain black metal mystery to it that makes it distinctly listenable.

In conclusion, this is at once a standard issue black metal record but also something more. With Nihil Est Monastica Patria reach beyond and touch the heart. There are ideas here that come out and slap you on the face. Asides from Nyctophilia, the song Ravens Almighty is also very interesting with an excellent vocal passage. There are many unique and very memorable sections on this record and it thus achieves black metal excellence, gently pushing asides some of the genres maxims so that it can be its own thing. So I advise you to come and embrace the grim majesty of Nihil Est Monastica you won't regret it!

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