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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Interview with Kye Bell on Chuck Schuldiner

So I recently got my friend Kye Bell from the marvelous black metal band Empyrean Plague to talk about Chuck Schuldiner. I hope you guys enjoy it and be sure to check out Empyrean Plague on Facebook!

Can you write a little bit about your experience with Chuck Schuldiners music?
One of the very first metal albums I heard was Death’s“Human”. Everything about the album drew me in closer to the world of metal from the artwork to the riffs,it was all top notch.It was probably one of the first times I was exposed to that style of guitar playing,very fluid and melodic.

How do you think it evolved lyrically over the course of his career?
The earlier Death albums were very much horror oriented,filled with gore and grotesque imagery but as time progressed I felt that Chuck found that too be too simple of a subject to write about.If you look at an album like “Scream Bloody Gore” its pretty straight forward death metal where as compared to a later album like “The Sound Of Perseverance” you’ll find much more complex lyrics and song structure.

How do you think Schuldiners guitar playing evolved over the course of his career?
Musically, Chuck was an originator of death metal as you can hear on every album but it was on the later albums you can hear a heavy progressive influence and even adding acoustic touches on the last album.Chuck had a very unique sound when it came to playing I think partly because he didn’t follow traditional scales and structure.

How do you think Schuldiners growling style evolved over the course of his career?
Without question Chuck’s vocals were the most diverse part of Death at times not even sounding like the same person I heard on the first album.Low and guttural would probably be the best way to describe his early vocals but even by the next album his vocals had more range and power behind them.Every album sounds different in terms of vocals.On “The Sound Of Perseverance” there is a Judas Priest cover of “Pain Killer” and Chuck manages to hit that high note with perfection.I’d have to say Death and Chuck Schuldiner will always have my respect for their and his contribution to the world of metal.

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