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Saturday, March 16, 2013

ALT-I'm a Singer

So now I bring you a review of yet another cool modern hard rock band with a garage feel. This time we have ALT, a groovy band whose punk flavored riffs show a true understanding of what rock is all about. Music you can move your body to yet also bang your head with, I'm A Singer is an incredibly tasty and fleshed out EP from a band made up of proven musicians.Their solid riffage and dirty rhythms are delicious when combined with the groups natural born swagger. With an almost Jack White feel at times I'm a Singer is a fun slab of crunchy rock and roll madness, seemingly ripped right from the bowels of Chuck Berry himself.

Songs like This Ain't No Hit embody what I'm A Singer is about. Heavy rock and roll with an attitude problem. Gritty and rebellious the biting tones of the bands vocalist help give them the raw anger and hate they need to be brought to the next level. Overall the riffs tend to be simple, yet they get a solid message across. They capture the spirit of punk with their anger against society and the system yet their riffs are very much in the rock vein. I'd also like to mention the stellar production. Set To Drown is a particularly good example of this bands layered sound that is only made possible by the excellent production.

In conclusion, I'm A Singer is a great rock and roll record rife with the energy that gives the genre its pure beauty. Strong riffs with a down to earth quality to them dominate the record and let the songs keep their rebellious attitude up. A band that seems like they would be sick live ALT prove that they have a lot of potential with this debut EP. I'm A Singer is one of those records that just proves that rock and roll has an enduring spirit that can never be quenched. With that said, I am very excited to see where these Frenchmen take their high octane rock in the future!

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