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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Upcoming Canadian tour with Empyrean Plague!

So I'm thrilled to say that my good friends in Empyrean Plague will be touring across Canada soon, and they asked me to tell YOU to go see them!  Personally I have never seen them live, but seeing as they've toured with black metal gods like Agalloch tells me they are not to be missed. ( I have an interview with him on a very exciting project by the way, I'm just not sure when to share it) Empyrean Plague have consistently showed themselves to be an excellent black metal act who fuse frozen metal madness with beautiful acoustic parts. I've certainly appreciated their stuff in previous reviews. They should be playing with some great bands on this tour, most notably perhaps, they are going to be playing a show with Absu! If you're Canadian and you're not psyched for this your then I feel sorry for you. Empyrean Plague are extremely promising and could very well be the Pallbearer of 2013, they are simply that good. Anyway, with the promise of vlogs and all sorts of metal madness on the road Empyrean Plagues Eastward Awakening tour is not to be missed!

Tour dates can be found HERE and will be updated in the next few days.

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