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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Alter Ego-Paradox

Some of you may remember Alter Ego from my recent write up on them. Now I have their debut EP Paradox to review. On this record these Portuguese prog purveyors perform practically perfect pieces that are sure to resonate with the listener. Combining the influences of bands like Dream Theater and Rush the end result is an epic EP that epitomizes the power that modern prog can have. Female fronted and filled to the brim with sizzling solos Paradox is a truly interesting and oftentimes inspiring EP that will leave you begging for more from Alter Ego. 

The best part about this record is the great guitar playing. The way the riffs are structured with their weird tempos and technical wizardry shows that Alter Ego's musicians definitely know what they are doing. Meanwhile some songs, like Guillotine make use of an interplay between bass and guitar, a very interesting idea that Alter Ego execute with grace. In other words, this album is filled with wonderful technical frills that allow the band to truly shine. Paradox is a musical achievement and shows a band who seem to have the skill to achieve Dream Theater like levels of musical mastery.

To finish, Paradox is a delicious prog record and show the potential of the upcoming Portuguese prog scene. With truly brilliant musicians and some great songwriting Alter Ego are one of the most exciting prog bands to come up in recent years. With songs that retain their charm long after the 6 minute mark it's clear that a lot of effort went into this record. A half hour prog masterwork Paradox shows a young band ready to come up and dominate the scene with their mix of a spicy guitar fueled sound and a layered and ambient production. 

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