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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Out for Blood-All Hail Cthulu

All Hail Cthulhu cover art

Thus far 2013 has not seen a lot great technical deathcore and djentcore releases. Yet now Out For Blood have a monster of an EP to give you. Their record All Hail Cthulhu is a slab of ear annihilating deathcore tempered with some wonderfully technical solos and tons of twisted rhythms. The end result is a devastating half hour of H.P. Lovecraft inspired metal that will rip your face off and prove that Out for Blood are one of the most promising bands to be coming out of the San Francisco scene right now. With stellar production and great songwriting, its hard to find something not to like about All Hail Cthulhu.

I love the hard moshing quality of a lot of these songs. This fused with their raw technical proficiency gives the band a Revocation like aura on some tracks. Yet Out For Blood are clearly distinctly different, their implementation of djenty rhythms helps to add a little bit of flavor to their pieces. Meanwhile, some songs have a simple go for the throat death metal aggression, one example of this is their circle pitting track "Exhale" which features an insane riff and a sweeptastic solo. In brief, the swirling and hypnotic power found on All Hail Cthulhu is not something that any metalhead is going to forget for a long while.

In sum, All Hail Cthulhu is a truly brutal EP that shows a way forward for deathcore. Non-formulaic and a clear testament to the skill of the musicians involved the music of Out for Blood is memorable and moshable. Already having toured with big names like Carnifex and Suffokate the future seems bright for these metallers from California. With a killer debut and a lot of promise Out for Blood seem like they could be the next big thing. Definitely worth the 7 dollars it costs to download off Bandcamp All Hail Cthulhu is worth many a listen!

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