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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Breakin' Out

Breakin Out

Breakin' Out is a great hard rock band from Italy who use some fun riffs and a pumped up attack to get a wonderful overall sound that will appeal to many a fan of heavy rock and metal. One of the greatest aspects of this band is the lead singers voice which gives the band a great vibe. He can really belt it and he allows the music to go on to a whole new level. Meanwhile the squealing guitar solos add touches of classic 80s heavy metal. The solo on Law of The Jungle is particularly reminiscent of that period in metals history. Yet, it should also be noted that their are a lot of tasty riffs which seem to be very much in the modern metal and hard rock vein. In particular the riff on Blood shows a great understanding of modern mainstream metal playing. The end result is a delicious track that pays its dues to the progenitors of the genre while simultaneously embracing the best aspects of the modern scene. To finish, fans of mainstream metal and hard rock be sure to go and listen to Breakin' Out, you won't be disappointed!

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