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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Metallic Hardcore is one of my favorite genres in all of extreme music. With metals finesse and hardcores mosh-friendly riffage its hard to find something not to like about the genre other than that it is oftentimes hard to pull off with grace. But when a band comes along who perfectly understand the genre and play it turned up to 11 then you know you have something special. From the first scream of M.A.L.M the listener knows that with Down they have stumbled across something magical. A solid little EP that shows the huge potential of the band Down suggests good things are to come from these Gothenburg natives.

Whats interesting about this band is that they fuse the intricate solos and melodies of In Flames with a much more brutal riffing attack reminiscent of Pantera or Damageplan. Meanwhile, the bottom end on this EP is simply colossal. The bass playing is stellar and the band is not afraid to show it off to the listener. Lastly, the vocals have a wonderfully hate filled feel to them that infuses the music with a bleak and unholy energy that few modern bands can truly emulate. Lastly, I'd like to point out that the drumming is most excellent, as evidenced on the song Outrageously Fucking Stupid which features a tense and high powered drum part. Overall, the musicians on Down are clearly quite talented and have some great songwriting skills.

In conclusion, Down showcases a stellar Metallic Hardcore band from a city more known for its melodic death metal. Destructive and devastating to the ear Dislocated are a very tight and powerful act who seem to be ready to take on the international scene. Their often stripped back and angry sound has lots of nice solos and more detailed parts that give the music a lot of flavor. It goes beyond your standard hardcore release and proves itself to be a solid slab of metal magic. I can not wait to see what happens when they have the opportunity to put out an album!

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