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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Broken Banjo

Broken Banjo is a fun blues rock band with lots of explosive solos for an end product that is as old school as it is tasty. The guitar dominates their music and their are legions of great solos filled with a true rock and roll flavor. They are often reminiscent of the greatest works of Jimmy Page or even Hendrix himself. They carry the same bluesy might. Meanwhile the vocals have a simple down to earth quality to them that keeps the band grounded in reality. They keep the songs relatable and poignant. The bluesy roar on songs like One Trick Pony show the spirit that really dominates this record. While most of the songs are very much more in the rock vein the blues influence does not hide itself, every song features tons of bluesy licks and rhythmic tricks. In conclusion, for fans of Zeppelin and Cream this is a great rock band who understand what the old gods were trying to do and put their own spin on it!

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