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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Overoth-Kingdom of Shadows

Kingdom Of Shadows cover art

Pure undiluted death metal is hard to come by these days. The crushing brutality of Overoth is magically evil and the end result is one of Suffocation-like brilliance. The pvre and devastating music of Overoth has been destroying Belfast ears since 2005. Their latest release Kingdom of Shadows is a testament to the unholy might of old school death metal. While many bands who seek to recreate an old school sound come across as contrived, Overoth's music clearly comes from the darkest of hearts and is filled with the rage that makes the genre so great.

The precision of the riffs is brilliant. It gives the songs a crushing sense of purpose and forward motion. They move ever on to new heights and the force embodied with each power chord is incredible. They are filled with a sort of death metal swagger, as if these guys know that they are creating brilliant music and are willing to shove it in your face. Perfect for moshing, the variety of riffs on Kingdom of Shadows is delicious and show what the band is truly capable of. They transport the listener back to the early 90s and capture the magic that that scene had.

In sum, these guys are extremely old school and everything about them reflects it, from their look to their album art. Unabashedly brutal Kingdom of Shadows brings to mind the death metal lords like Morbid Angel, Suffocation and Pestilence. So, all ye pvre fans of the most trve old school death metal, come listen to Overoth's colossal and ear shattering riffs. While not for the faint of heart long time fans will adore the artistry of Overoth's sound. Kingdom of Shadows will smash your brain to pieces and toss it into the eternal flame, it's just that good.

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