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Friday, March 29, 2013

Death Above

Death Above

Death Above is a nifty thrash metal band from the Canary Islands. Seeing as I don't think I've heard metal from their before I was very excited to see what they sounded like and was indeed most impressed. Filled with an inhuman dedication to the metal lords like Slayer and Anthrax. The excellent and accented vocals help to give Death Above a great vibe and take you back to the magic and raw innovation of 80s era thrash metal. The relentless drum attack on songs like on the track Tremors also helps to give the band a hectic thrash metal energy worthy of Krokus. I really love the tracks that glorify the mosh pit too. In particular, the metal anthem Metal Mosh Machines pretty much sums up how I feel every time I enter into the pit. These guys are all for the glory of metal and want to share their sacred message across the world. A fun band for any fan of cross over thrash to check out Death Above is a wonderful little treasure who have a great and appealing sound that any fan of the classic stuff should love.

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