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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Colossus Fall-Sempervirens

Colossus Fall are an interesting band from Geneva who fuse hardcore, post metal and some slamming death metal. The end result is a rich sound which is hard to put under genre labels and is very much its own thing. On Sempervirens Colossus Fall show themselves to be capable musicians who are putting out some great extreme metal. This is a solid metal release that uses some interesting new ideas and completely avoids normal genre tags. Colossus Falls' latest effort shows a lot of potential and the groovy riffs that embody their music just make me want to mosh.

The songwriting on this record is stellar and the songs flow together really well. One of the most notable aspects of the band for me is the impressive drumming that can be heard throughout the record. It adds a lot of flavor to the music and helps to craft a layered sound. Meanwhile, the guitar riffs are brutal and accentuate chugging parts with nice solo lines. The bass provides a thudding heart to the music, it creates a huge bottom end which shines on songs like Cold Night. They do a good job of complimenting the harshness of the vocals which have a Jens Kidman like percussive quality to them.

In conclusion, Colossus Fall are a fascinating act to say the least. On my third spin of their record I still can not find a single reliable genre tag for them and must simply say they transcend all of that labeling silliness. Instead their sound has an undeniable harsh beauty to it. The strict mechanical lines of their music crash into the listeners skull and force them to headbang. Technical and topped off with delicious riffs Sempervirens shows that there can still be interesting metal that at once respects the maxims of the metal genre and avoids most subgenre tags. If you want something fresh to listen too in the metal world, Sempervirens is the album for you!

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