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Saturday, March 16, 2013


Mad Hatter 2.0 have long been one of my favorite English groove metal bands. Since 2010 their hard gigging approach and 2 EPs have showed the promise of the band. Now they have finally a full length to prove themselves on. Fortunately they show themselves to be true masters of the genre. What's interesting about their sound is that, while they feel free to experiment with genres that would seem unrelated to their groove metal roots they always go back to their basic Lamb of God inspired sound. Heavy and filled to the top with delicious riffs, Deconstruct is a 47 minute long tribute to the magic of what the genre can be. Toss in some experimentation with other genres and quite a few hard moshing riffs and Mad Hatter 2.0 seem ready to take on the international stage!

One of the most notable aspects of these songs is that they all seem made to be played live. They have solid rhythms that make your body move and could inspire many a mosh pit. The crunchy riffing is a key part of this album and is found throughout, even in the less traditional bits. This album is united by some great guitar licks that never fail to impress. Filled with a crazed thrash metal energy they push the album forward and force the listener into a headbanging oblivion. Capable of taking you on a wild ride while still being firmly held in place by a tight rhythm section Deconstruct is proof that the legacy of groove metal will carry on no matter what. Suffice to say, Mad Hatter 2.0's star is clearly rising!

In conclusion, Deconstruct promises to be one of the best albums of 2013. With a ton of groove and lots of attitude this is clearly a groove metal record for the ages. Stellar production and destructive riffs combine for an end result that is mythical in proportion. Not afraid to experiment with other genres Deconstruct takes the listener on a musical journey and allows them the chance to understand the monumental achievement that this album represents. Fun and high powered this record is the crowning jewel on Mad Hatter 2.0's already impressive crown. They have proven themselves as capable of writing an engaging full length. I'm psyched to see where they take their sound next!

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