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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Complete Failure-The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault

Complete Failure is a destructive and inherently primal hardcore band. Their new record The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault is a brutal testament to how great the genre can be. Filled with an almost grindcore energy, the devastating power of Complete Failure will rip ears open and expose them to the word of a most unholy god. This is a gospel of hate and violence and it will tear the listener apart. Capable of exploding skulls with its uncouth evil The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault does exactly what it says on the tin. It is truly the word of Satan on violence.

The raw attack on this album is great. Most of the songs are just around the two minute mark so they can maintain a grindcore like energy while simultaneously showing off some nice hardcore ideas. Yet the more laid back passages in songs like Drag Migrator still seem to fit into the records manic energy. It possesses the same inherent evil that the faster paced tracks do, it's simply implemented in a different way. Yet, it is songs like Disinvictus, which is crazed and meant to explode ear drums, that give life to this record. In short, the manic brutality of The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault is beautiful and shows the true power and magic of hardcore.

In sum, this is quite probably going to be this reviewers favorite hardcore record of 2013. There is so much raw hatred and might here that the record obtains majestic proportions. Driven ahead by a ridiculously fast rhythm section and kept together by some fabulous songwriting The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault is everything hardcore should be. Intelligent, fast and brutal to the extreme. For those who thought punk was dead, Complete Failure would like to have a word. Their new record reveals a band who seem ready to take over and destroy the world.

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